What a glorious day!   
My daughter is going to close up her classroom today for the very last time.  She is stepping away from her life as she has known it (her existence) for the past 5 years and venturing into the unknown as a mom of 2 and 1 to be so beautiful children and a loving and thoughtful hubby with supportive, loving parents.  This is truly what life is about, not what one knows but the unknown and trusting and breathing and challenging and growing and loving to peaces all the goodness that is truly out there and definitely within ourselves that is breaking forth with each thought we think, each word that we speak.  Life is so unthinkable with all the possibilities that avail us once we listen and trust in the divinity within us. 
This community of one wants each of us to break open to the path that is being paved for you and you alone.  Every one of us has all the answers within us.  I now ask a question and quickly get an answer.  It is just bubbling to be revealed, so excited to pop out and send me on my way!  And I rejoice in my discoveries as I let the voice of God in in whatever fashion it is to be revealed.  This gentleness, kindness, amazement is so humbling and I am grateful.for all the experiences that are being presented and all the courage and strength I have to test new water every single minute of every single day.  Utterly living in the moment.  The world, the universe, God is in our heart, so deeply, so richly.  Ah, blessings abound.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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