The fascinating thing about yesterday was about listening to intuition.  Yes, listening.  It was storming like crazy and I was suppose to head up to FDL to my friend.  My inner voice said call her and tell her you cannot leave right now until the storm passes.  Okay.   I waited and then it let up a little bit.  I actually got in the car and backed it out of the garage and got a message that said "not yet".  So I drove the car back in the garage.  I had been fretting out driving on the highway because of the hydroplaning issues and so I listened to my inner voice and asked just that question.  
About fifteen minutes later, my body felt lighter, the rain had subsided, but not stopped and I was given the go ahead  I was told I could take the highway but stay far enough behind vehicles.  I felt so protected on this drive and so aware.  The traffic was moderate and the vehicles were well paced.  Lots of spray of water by passing vehicles, but I kept my distance.  And I arrived safely.  Wow, the wisdom of listening instead of being on automatic pilot. 

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