Universe is spreading its wisdom tremendously.  That Polarity treatment of the  cosmic portal balance last night was divine intervention.  Slept so well and so sound and woke easily and ready to start the day.  When one truly listens, these portals transmit messages to us just when one needs the message.  Not overwhelming, but balanced and breathtaking messages to savor and smile with.  The Polarity is awesome in that the energy is truly balanced.  Staying in the neutral becomes easier and easier with each session.  Focus and attention are more centered and definitely savoring each and every second of the day.  Basking in the warmth and sunshine which is always within, not letting the outside world direct my thoughts and words.
The other message that came through yesterday was that these portals also send messages out into the universe, so what I say, do, and think are impacting the world around me.  The more neutral I am and staying in the moment, the more around me will be in alignment to this.  Thus, I will be less reactive and, if there is anything I need to accomplish, I will know how to handle it with kindness and gentleness and compassion and love.

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