Try some laughter yoga, gets the whole digestive system moving and a shaking.  What a stitch to start the morning!  Just smiling warms up the whole system.  Thinking about laughter and visualizing it sparks the immune system to kick in and then when one breathes into that, the whole body lights up like fireworks, the breath becomes deeper, stronger and longer, if one can even imagine that!  In turn one feels lighter, vibrant and more alive - awakened.  Then notice what happens when one looks around them.  Sharper images, more vibrant colors, maybe even noticing things one would not have seen before.  Clarity of mind springs forth.  A whole body experience blended into the sound of the laughter.  Heard it is also really good for weight loss..  Obviously, if one is laughing, one cannot eat!   Imagine that!  So let loose and laugh to your heart's content this awesome Monday morning.

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