Life's garden

Pulling weeds can sometimes be just like our lives.  We have long standing, stubbornness that refuses to budge and over grows because one has failed to tend it on a daily basis and the task at hand becomes cumbersome.  Takes more effort and energy to pull and get to the root of the matter.  When one tends the weeds on a daily basis, the weeds are small and manageable and easy to tend to. 

Large yards need more maintenance, small yards, less maintenance.  What would you like to tend to at this stage in your life. 
Food for thought:  If one has a large yard and finding it rewarding, loving and rich in abundance, ask for help in maintaining.  Asking helps lighten the load and one may establish a relationship with the person or persons who are assisting.  May discover a whole new world out there.
Our yard is large.  Raising four kids and now being blessed with grandchildren, our yard has taken on a new dimension.  We are in the process of pellet box gardening.  We rummaged for a large wood swing set which the kids can't wait to scramble and swing on.  Even I climb into the fort area and sit on a comfy cushion and read, meditate or crochet.  Love the view from the top and the kids think it is amazing that I am flexible enough to go down that slide yet!  Whoopie!  Youthfulness abounds.
Have a blessed and peace-filled day,

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