Walking again this morning in the overcast skies and the dullness of the fallen leaves.  All this is speaking of shedding and releasing for the next venture to come.  Surrendering the old and glistening in the starkness of the next season.  A bit of sadness as I leave behind the thoughts of those sunny and warm summer days, hanging clothes on the wash line and windows wide open smelling the whiffs of herbs and the sight and sounds of the birds chirping away as they dance in the streams of their life on this earth.  Children laughing and playing on the swing set, bare feet in the soft and cushy grass are mere reminders to love every moment of what I have.  It is always there, but to stay in the present moment and live each moment fully is so important.  And the good part is I am determined to walk 5-6 days a week and deepen my breath and let the earth carry me when I am ready to give up.  Surrender and smile in God great and glorious world.  Good morning Monday!

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