Time is Now

This is the NOW.  What the universe is picking up on is releasing stuck, old, burdening, useless, ancestral energy that is no longer serving one for their highest good.  How does one do that?  Examine it, pick it apart, ask it meaningful questions.  Like what purpose does this serve in my life right now, how have I carried patterns forward to today?  Do I need to break destructive patterns such as overeating, drinking, lack of motivation, clouds of fear and distress?  This is the time to sit in silence and ask these important questions!  Other questions is why is my body failing me?  why am I holding myself back, what do I have to clean up to be more productive?  And the list goes on.  For each of us this will be very individual and personal and baby steps unless one is motivated to clear out the yuck and junk very quickly to move.  We have choices beyond choices and only you can answer or pick a choice that works for you right NOW!

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