Awareness is so much fun.  Delightful, playful, sad and painful.  But in the beginning as well as the end, I have been guided to listen and bend.  No more cravings for what could be.  I just listen and create what I am instructed it is so me.   Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't.  It's the don'ts I am to pay attention to.  The ego, the monkey mind,  takes over and I am at the mercy of the thought.  This thought grips me like a vise and squeezes until I shrink, then I just sink and sink, and sink.  But when I come to my senses, when the heart kicks in and I listen to the breath, all comes back to the day I was born.  And God said "I am good"!   Ah, yes, I am good!  And I do believe that, as long as I follow the messages, I stay on track.  Whahoooo   I am back. 
Each one of us is an individual.  When we drown out the hype and the noise,  one can finally experience their true essence and savor the beauty within each of us that is a God-given gift.  And remember, God has many names.  Have an amazing day in your essence and beauty!

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