Blessings II

Blessings are cherished.  Blessings make one smile.  Blessings are simple.  The blessings lie in the here and now to be savored and cherished and loved so tenderly.  Have you truly ever watched a baby sleep, the dreamy eyes and gentle quivering of the lips, totally relaxed in the loving arms of the mom or dad.  Children blowing swirling and multicolored bubbles.  Thousands of various shapes and sizes of bubbles being strewn haphazardly in the wind.  The children's  voices squealing with delight as they try to capture the vibrant bubbles before they land and break open.  Or a 92 year young grandmom swinging her hips from side to side to the rhythm of the music before breakfast.  Words cannot discribe the beauty in these moments because the moment is all I have and the awareness is reaching out and rendering one speechless. 
These are my kind of blessings!  Have you noticed any hidden blessings in your life?  If you would be willing to share, would love to hear!        
Much peace on your journey in the NOW!

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