The enchanted forest is shimmering with energy of a new day

The leaves gently rustle and speak of a new way.

A way in which there are no formal labels laid out on boardroom tables.

No rules to create havoc and lordship over one another

For once we will all be sisters and brothers

With equality for all that will strip down the walls.

The world is open and ready to shift.

Do you catch hold of my drift.

So listen up and let me be clear,

We are no longer living in fear.

For one’s courage and strength will be our guide,

Believe me, that is no lie.

So gather together right here and right now

For the time has come  for us to bend, to  bow and show our flexibility the only way we know how!

Join me, join me, one and all

For I am indeed listening to the call of the wild  with the listening ears of a newborn child!

Act now as the forest does not lie dormant and still,  while we finally have free will.

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