In the Whisperings through time and space, I can see the unknown and the beauty that truly lies within.  It is pure and holy, untouched and unscathed  by the chaos and rustlings of the world around.  No longer am I afraid and scared,  but I am  being led by an unseen force that knows all.  Truly this is the Divine Force from which I was birthed and tossed out into the emptiness which humankind calls fullness.  What is amazing to discover is that in the midst of the chaos are jewels of kindness and generosity just waiting to be worn with pride.  Yearning for each of us to lift our  veils and cloaks of fear and ascend to the light that is within each of us.  So powerful, yet so peaceful and peace-filled.  I am always delighted with these revelations and blessings which I have been gifted with.   And so humbled and grateful to be part of this Divinity which is drawing humankind closer and closer in the vibrations of a timeless period which all will understand as it will be revealed to each of us!  

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