Moon was in full swing last night.  Playing hide'n-go seek.  Captivating to watch the clouds slide around, weaving a fine veil of darkness and just as quickly as the darkness covered, the moon shone through.  That is how quickly our lives can change to let in the light and brightness of the goodness which truly lives within each of us.  One can shine through at any time one chooses.  I love when I go into the darkness and realize what I am truly deciding to participate in and then come out into the light almost immediately with each new recollection.  Then I realize what truly triggers my darkness and then I have a responsibility to understand why that issue still bugs the heck out of me.  And then...... then I clear my energy field to release that energy which is glue to the past.  A good energy cleaner will do and I am unstuck and raring to go again.  Stronger and healthier for the experience with the new realizing of what sucked me in the first place.  What a great feeling..... Hang on, there is even more to come..... Happy Saturday...

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    jeff (Thursday, 16 February 2017 18:38)

    great post Pat!