The first question was?  
please answer if you have the courage.
When do you get angry?

Truth:  I get angry, when I am not heard for what I believe to be true to me, when my siblings shut me out from a process that could have been completed by all of us and could have created a lasting beautiful memory for me.  This is truly my angry and my frustration and I do claim ownership of  it all.  Also, I have a right to claim my own anger and forgive myself over and over again, but when one never is honored for their anger, it is like it never happened, swept under the carpet like everything else to grow into the mountain or a very heavy backpack on one's shoulders.  So I forgive myself as soon as I understand where it came from and realize that I don't want to hurt myself any more!  I have no desire to get depressed or sick or run away.  I want to live in the fullest in the NOW!

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