Visioning & Tapping into Health

Holistic Energy Healing

 Visioning and tapping are a holistic, energy-based system that includes  energywork, diet, exercise, and lifestyle counseling to restore and maintain proper energy flow throughout the body. When the flow of energy is blocked, the body functions less than optimally and disease begins to manifest.  With daily clearing, the system regenerates and vibrates at a higher level, emitting a sense of connectedness and vitality to mind/body and spirit.

Visioning and tapping unblock and recharge the flow of life force energy and realigns stuck energy as a means of eliminating disease. Clients learn to release tension by addressing the source of the stress  and begin to trust their own inner wisdom to continually change and grow.  With practice, clients feel stronger and empowered to be present to life fully..

Professional Fees:  Determined on a Sliding Scale call for an appointment 262-483-3890



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