** I am a retired health care executive after 30+ years and can say that Pat provides services unavailable from traditional medicine.  I recommend Pat without reservation! Her Polarity Balancing methods have made a significant difference in my health. I have lost weight by eating healthier and balanced meals, plus the management of drugs and alcohol. Her caring positive approach has helped me with meditation and breathing. The overall result is positive lifestyle changes. Even if you aren't having health concerns she will enhance your well-being.  .............................. jeff


'Even after one session of Polarity Therapy with Pat, I experienced a calming within my entire being. My feet felt heavy in a good way... like being grounded and sure of my 'footing'. My focus improved. Pat's quality of presence to my experience is 'tops'. I appreciate her work in the world.------ Peggy

I am 39 weeks pregnant and was over by Pat for a visit.  The baby can be very active, which is quite painful at times and I couldn't relax.  Pat had me lay down and did some energy work with various light touches.  After about 15 minutes, the baby calmed down significantly and I actually fell asleep.  What a relief it was to rest and ease the pressures of pregnancy!
As a mom of two (4 years and 2 years), I know the frustrations of trying to get my 4 year old to take a nap.  He clearly is tired, but fights sleeping every way he can!  I try everything I can to get him to take a nap:  bribes, consequences, ignoring, laying with him, rubbing his back, et,. but hardly have been able to succeed lately.  I would be fine with him skipping a nap, but he is often very cranky and uncooperative at night when this need isn't fulfilled.  I had Pat work with him during a nap time after I was extremely frustrated and after about 20 minutes, she had him sleeping like a baby (and I was a VERY happy Mama)!
Katie L.

 I love how the therapy gives me a sense of calm and being centered.  I am amazed ever time I leave that I feel taller and have to adjust the rear view mirror of my car.     Your the best,  Debbie